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Frauke Ewert
Dipl. Psychologin – Human Resources

+49‍ 172 ‍6141341


Professional Fields,
Accomplishments and Education

Consultant and Coach

Financial Services, Health, Manufacturing

  • Advising senior executives on strategic, structural and cultural matters
  • Supporting leadership teams in the strategic, content and structural reorganization of their companies and services
  • Conception and moderation of large group conferences for change processes
  • Implementation of potential analysis, assessment center, management audits
  • Conducting management and potential development programs
  • Introduction of management guidelines, management feedback and employee surveys
  • Team development and conflict management

Company manager

Head of Human Resources

  • Responsible for company personnel budget of 90 million euros, approximately 70 employees in own section
  • Advising board of directors and top executives on personnel matters
  • Defining and implementing personnel strategy for the business group
  • Establishing trustworthy labor relations
  • Positioning the employer brand in the job market
  • Finding, placing and uniting high performing employees with employers
  • Shaping cultural change through innovative measures of the organization and personnel development

Head of Personnel and Organization Development

  • Development of future oriented personnel planning and training
  • Introduction of leadership training and general management development
  • Implementation of target agreement, performance evaluation and assessment center
  • Introduction of management audits and potential development programs
  • Advising and directing team and organization development

Board of directors – Principal Responsibilities

  • Guiding the merger of two companies
  • Introduction of project management systems
  • Introduction of job and requirement profiles, selection processes and management conferences

Research and Teaching

Research Assistant Organizational Psychology

  • Research: DFG-Project (German Research Society) “Behavior and Attitude“
  • Teaching: Lectures and seminars
  • International Lectures: Oxford, Amsterdam


Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

  • Graduated with a Degree in Psychology
  • Diagnostics and consulting in the areas of forensic, clinical, and work psychology; research assistant; tutoring
  • Behavioral Therapy Training

German Institute of Economics

  • Business management, Labor Law, Personnel with a Degree in Business Psychology

Significant Further Education


  • Innovative Organization (University of California Berkeley / Center for Executive Education)
  • Business Strategies for Success (University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School of Executive Education)
  • Strategic Ideation (The Columbia Business School, Executive Education, New York)


  • Malik Management-Program: Strategy, Decisions and Problem Solving, Leadership in Change
  • Management Development Program: Lead yourself, lead others, lead the company (Goll Consulting)
  • General Management Program (Conecta; Vienna School of Organization Consulting)


  • Business Processes and Information Management (IDS Scheer)
  • Finance and Banking Specific Training (Banking; Life Insurance, Leasing, Privacy Laws and Data Security)
  • Project Management
  • Labor Law


  • Systemic Consultation (Conecta Vienna)
  • Initiate and Develop Organizational Development Processes (Management Center Voralberg)
  • Process Management, Group Dynamics (Metaplan; ComTeam)
  • Conflict Management: Communication; Group Management for Trainers; Negotiation Techniques (IWL Hamburg, Schulz v. Thun)
  • Trainer and Advisor (creditied; TMS Zentrum / Germany)
  • Large Group Methods: Future Conferences, RTSC-Conference, Open Space, World Cafe (Matthias zur Bonsen)